The Horsemanship Nutrition Course

Geoff Tucker, DVM

The information found in The Horsemanship Nutrition Course represents ideas about feeding horses that have either been forgotten or were never taught to new horse owners. The result are horses not receiving what they need to thrive. The solution is relatively simple. This course digs into some of the essential details to help horse owners understand what, why and how to change the feeding of their horses.

Module 1 Horsemanship Nutrition
Unit 1 Welcome to the Horsemanship Nutrition Course
Unit 2 Introduction to the Horsemanship Nutrition Course
Unit 3 Grazers and Browsers - Pillar 1
Unit 4 The Basics of Sugar, Fat and Proteins - Pillar 2
Unit 5 Gut Microbes - Pillar 3
Unit 6 Gut Inflammation - Pillar 4
Unit 7 Making Energy and Mitochondria - Pillar 5
Unit 8 Carbohydrate Dependency - Pillar 6
Unit 9 The High Fat Diet - Pillar 7
Unit 10 The Importance of Protein - Pillar 8
Unit 11 GMO, Pesticides and Fertilizers - Pillar 9
Unit 12 Supplements - Pillar 10
Unit 13 Lectins - Pillar 11
Unit 14 Horsemanship Nutrition Course - Summary