The Essentials of Equine Dentistry

Geoff Tucker, DVM

This is an introductory course about equine dentistry filled with facts about the teeth of horses that all horse owners should know.

It is also an introduction to how the Horsemanship Dentistry School is structures and taught.

Module 1 The Essentials of Equine Dentistry
Unit 1 An Introduction To Equine Dentistry
Unit 2 Reasons To Learn The Essentials Of Equine Dentistry
Unit 3 The Specialized Hypsodont Teeth Of Horses
Unit 4 The Reasons For Dentistry In Horses
Unit 5 Dentistry As A Part Of The Horse Training Process
Unit 6 The Different Processes Of Preventive Dentistry In Horses
Unit 7 The Various Theories In Equine Dentistry
Unit 8 The Signs That Corrective Dentistry May Be Needed
Unit 9 Aging The Horse
Unit 10 Nutrition As Related To The Teeth
Unit 11 What Is Needed Today In Equine Dentistry